Achieve Greatness for Yourself, Become Far More Useful to Others

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When I started coaching AYSO I was confused, often bewildered. The process is a ton of work and communication is precarious. I usually got my hand slapped by my division administrator for asking a question. To be honest, the guy was a putz. Maybe too much on his plate. The rest of the administration is awesome and in particular, the head of the league. Turns out also, AYSO has much better processes and education than I had expected. I figured it all out eventually, and we had an awesome season. I will do it again next year. Read on and you’ll understand what I learned and what I will do differently next season, even with the “putz.”

Then I started coaching Pony baseball. Much looser procedures but everything gets done. The administration that runs the league however is awesome, always friendly and helpful. Big difference from my AYSO initial experience. That said, coaching baseball is far more work. There’s the precarious schedule and multiple parks and then, there’s field prep and maintenance. It’s a chore. Fun, but a lot. I asked my division leader if there was a training for this. Learning from my AYSO experience, instead of complaining about a problem that may be lacking, I offered a solution and my time to help.This weekend, 6 volunteers including the league president and several board members joined me to produce 25 videos. They turned out great, really great. The videos are being created to educate new coaches, parents, existing coaches and other volunteers on every aspect of field preparation and maintenance. We left no stone unturned. Naturally, I did the filming and editing. The videos will be available soon at

I didn’t like the experience with AYSO at first. But I loved coaching. I learned that, while my division leader was not exactly ideal for his role, he too is a volunteer. I learned that being a volunteer puts the burden on each of us to help, add value and provide solutions to problems. So this time, when I offered my input with SB Pony, I handled it a bit differently. I offered a solution and delivered. As such, SB Pony is better today than it was before. And for that, I am appreciative of the experience, the knowledge, the new friendships, and the ability to help our community. I did good work here and good stuff for our community, all involved did as well. But, in the end, in addition to the community, it was me and my colleagues who benefitted. The sense of accomplishment and all that comes with it are now ours. So many other benefits will follow. Whether it’s just new friends, a business opportunity, or who knows what else. The point is, when you give, when you get busy, when you collaborate, you get stuff in return. Sometimes it’s merely satisfaction; sometimes it’s a whole lot more. Either way, doing nothing, I guarantee, will leave you with nothing. It’s a fact of life.

I often ask my clients “who is your number one charity?” They sometimes miss the point. Eventually they realize, that in order to give to charity, you have to achieve first. You are your #1 charity. Achieve greatness for yourself and you become far more useful to the rest of the world. The more you contribute, the more opportunities will arise. The more you are a part of greatness, the more greatness will come to you.

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