Make It Work, Now Belongs To Geek Squad

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In 1995, I sat on my couch with an IBM Thinkpad 720C, Coreldraw, Microsoft Word and created Make It Work. I wrote a one page business plan and create this logo: My business idea was simple, I wanted to help people “make it work” in their business using technology and building operational software solutions. I built CRMs out of Microsoft Access … Read More

I’m a Hero! (insightly)

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Today, I was asked to join the insightly Hero™ program. I was proud to be asked, but I’m really more focused on how this can help my business and more importantly, how it can help our customers. As an insightly Hero™, I now have access to more information and resources to help our clients get more from their insightly deployments. … Read More

Stay the Course – Create Success with Relentless Commitment

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Patience, it’s not only a virtue, it’s a requirement for success. Rarely does anything build and become valuable over night and usually, if it does, it will fall as fast. A good idea can mature to a great idea and a great business but it requires attention, nurturing and more importantly, patience. But most important is your ability to stay … Read More


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Every morning when you wake up, treat it like it’s your first day, and like it’s your last day, on earth. Forget all that’s happened badly. Remember all you’ve learned, but remember only what lifted you and helps drive your passion. Take the day on like it might be your last and you want to complete as much as possible … Read More

Better Business Bureau vs. the Mafia

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The Better Business Bureau was created by and for business. It’s not a government agency. It once had a true purpose and provided protection to consumers. Today, in my opinion, it’s a business that makes its living off of coercing other businesses to become a member. If you don’t, they give you a low rating based on, well, I’m not … Read More