Which Circle Do You Want To Be In…The Blue One (NHL) or the Red One (TED)?

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My son Jacob just called me while I was writing this post. I stopped to take the call. He was on his way to the Coachella Festival, after recording with a Disney talent. He calls me almost every day to share his latest achievements and his “vibes.” The kid is on fire and he’s a wonderful human. This past week he graduated from Berklee College of Music, and was signed as a producer last month by the Futuristics, and has already sold a few songs. He’s 22 and he is living life to the fullest, in the heart of the music industry in Los Angeles, achieving everything he could ever have dreamed about. But that’s just it, he never dreamed about any of this. He just played his guitar, often, with no goal other than to play and be better each day. He achieved that, and today he gets paid handsomely for doing what he loves. One day I expect he will be standing in a different circle, perhaps the winner’s circle on the stage at the Grammys. It was never anyone’s goal, but it’s probably going to happen, because his work ethic is fabulous, and his talent is fierce, and most importantly, he’s focused on the song, the one he’s producing today, not the stage he will likely stand on tomorrow.

Stay the Course – Create Success with Relentless Commitment

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Patience, it’s not only a virtue, it’s a requirement for success. Rarely does anything build and become valuable over night and usually, if it does, it will fall as fast. A good idea can mature to a great idea and a great business but it requires attention, nurturing and more importantly, patience. But most important is your ability to stay … Read More