I’m a Hero! (insightly)

Eric GreenspanEntrepreneuring, Ignite, TechLeave a Comment

Today, I was asked to join the insightly Hero™ program. I was proud to be asked, but I’m really more focused on how this can help my business and more importantly, how it can help our customers.

As an insightly Hero™, I now have access to more information and resources to help our clients get more from their insightly deployments. I also get to be a source of answers for the rest of the world, as I will now be one of the distinguished Heroes helping insightly moderate and answer questions in their Q&A forums. I’m honored, truly, but I’m thinking I might also raise my prices. (Kidding, sort of.)

I’ve been part of organizations like this before. I’ve created and run fast growing, state of the art companies. I’ve sold companies. I’ve hired thousands. I love being in the action, at the pulse, and most importantly, I love being able to contribute.

So, while I have little to prove about my experience, I’m flattered and will serve the insightly audience and staff with passion and dedication. I love being a Hero™ and I look forward to learning and sharing.

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