I’m Eric Greenspan, not Eric Greenspan nor Eric Greenspan

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Every day my website gets hit by someone looking for Chef Eric Greenspan winner of the LA Grilled Cheese Invitational, owner of the Roof on Wilshire and of Food Network fame. Sometimes I get hits from someone looking for Eric Greenspan the LA attorney who has represented Christina Aguilera and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And every once in a while, someone is looking for me, Eric Greenspan, the serial entrepreneur, dad and closet chef, chief clever officer at 74 Systems.

eric greenspan chef

Eric Greenspan, chef

On Twitter, I’m often responding to someone who is clearly looking for @chefgreeny, the Foundry chef. The guy is famous, so I enjoy passing along his tweets. We’ve chatted online a few times. He recently got married in my home town of Palm Springs at the Riviera Hotel where I once played tennis with Bjorn Borg and more recently attended TED. We seem to cross paths often.

A few years back, we won a big award and wanted to celebrate. My team wanted to go to Mr. Chow, the place in Beverly Hills where the paparazzi hang out looking for stars. I had no idea how to get a table so I just called my Onstar service and asked them to do it. When they returned to the line, they said, “ok, Mr. Greenspan, you’re all set. Table of 6 at Mr. Chow at 8pm.” We were stoked!

When we arrived, the hostess looked at my strangely. She asked, “Are you the chef? The attorney?” I replied, “Nope, just the CEO [of a relatively small company].” She sat us. I saw her talking to the manager and I knew what was going on. Regardless, we spent a small fortune and enjoyed the night.

A little more than three years ago I was on the Private Chefs of Beverly Hills on Food Network. Like the other Eric Greenspan, we are both foodies and if you google “Eric Greenspan Food Network,” we both show up.

eric greenspan lawyer

Eric Greenspan, lawyer

I’ve not yet run into the Eric Greenspan the lawyer but I hope that I do someday. Maybe I can get on the Voice and be picked to Christina Aguilera’s team?

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Eric Greenspan. He made me lunch at the Roof. I had his infamous grilled cheese. It was truly epic. We talked for an hour and became friends instantly. I look forward to meeting his wife soon and entertaining them on their next trip to Santa Barbara. Maybe we’ll cook together!


Are you seeing double?

When I arrived at the Roof, I gave my car to the valet. He asked for my name. I said “Eric Greenspan.” He said, “you’re going to see Eric Greenspan?” I said, “yes.” He then said, “so what’s your name?” I replied, “Eric Greenspan.” With a very puzzled look he handed me my ticket.

A couple years ago, I got an email from the Huntley hotel in Santa Monica. It was referencing my recent 5 night reservation which I never made. I had stayed at the Huntley a few times but in this case it was a case of mistaken identity. The reservation wasn’t mine, it was for the chef. I called the Huntley to clear it up and then forwarded the email to chef. He and I got a good laugh out of it.

On my way to meet chef Eric Greenspan at the Roof, I emailed Eric Greenspan the lawyer letting him know. Turns out they know and like one another. Soon, I will meet the lawyer and then I will try to arrange a lunch for all three of us.

Why am I doing this? It’s fun and they are great people. Life is short. Wouldn’t you want to meet someone that shares your name, particularly if your name is uncommon like ours? Perhaps you wouldn’t, but I did and so far the experience has been great.

Anyhow, I’m glad I got a chance to clear this up. Hello to all the Eric Greenspan’s in the world.

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