My First Book – Pricing Your Practice by Eric Greenspan

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Woke up and there it was, my book cover. She just made it and sent it to me. I looked at it for a bit and started thinking about writing it. Then I did. I published the initial draft this past weekend and it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon.

It’s interesting how the headline mentions “mindset” as that’s what happened here. My fiance, Angela, who is in her final year of law school, put this in my mind. All she sent was a cover, an idea, in my inbox. An idea so powerful, it made me get busy, and now I’m an author. The book is trending and it’s #1 in the small business category right now. Smart lady this Angela.

Why did I write a book? Because I have so much to share, but honestly, I share my thoughts and ideas every day on social media, webinars, podcasts, etc. But books are different; people treat you different when you become an author. The comments and likes on the first Facebook post about “oh, hey, wrote a book” were insane. My friends and family are really proud. I’m really proud and I have the fever. I’m going to keep writing books; many of them.

What’s it about? Pricing. In particular, it’s about pricing for service providers namely accountants, bookkeepers and business owners. But it really can be applied to any service professional or really any profession. We talk about pricing types and models, but the true focus of my book is on the psychology of pricing, how confidence plays a major role in your ability to set and sell yourself at a certain price, and then how to sell yourself at a higher pricing level.

Give it a read, a review, help me write more books. I’m really excited about it. I hope it helps you and your career. You can buy it here.

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