Stay the Course – Create Success with Relentless Commitment

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Patience, it’s not only a virtue, it’s a requirement for success. Rarely does anything build and become valuable over night and usually, if it does, it will fall as fast. A good idea can mature to a great idea and a great business but it requires attention, nurturing and more importantly, patience. But most important is your ability to stay the course.

I watch and work with many entrepreneurs each day as they build their dreams. Some are laser focused. Many are the opposite, constantly changing direction and never giving full attention to one idea or at least a set of ideas that work together.

Success is earned and while this may be anecdotal and trite, it’s just plain true. Moreover, it’s earned through attrition, commitment, perseverance and staying power. I’m not saying you shouldn’t make adjustments along the way. In some cases changing direction is critical but the goal of achieving success must follow your initial hunch that your idea has merit. Life will challenge you; people will warn you. But your gut never lies, assuming you know how to follow it and trust it. If you believe it and you stay the course, you will find your way to success.

Keep driving, keep building. Fight off the negative, the hiccups, the winds of change, doubt and fear and create your end result. Success is yours. Stay on it. Stay the course.

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